Special Events

Charlie Company's 2008 Reunion - San Antonio, Texas

Veteran's Day Weekend, November 7th - 9th. 110 Attendees!

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Idoluis Casares - 2nd Platoon, Jace Johnston - 3rd Plt. & Alan
Richards - 4th Plt. prior to going to our Veteran's Day Parade.



Sgt. Dan Kerr & his wife Karin - First Reunion &
first time we've seen Dan since 1967!



Ray & Joe Layman escorting their beautiful Mom, Junie.
Our reunions would not be the same without the Layman's.


Two of my favorite Casareseses, Cindy & her
wonderful Mom, Toni! True Ole Reliables. . .


Gene Harvey & Doug Wilson (1st Plt), Linda Wilson, Herb
Lind Company Commander, and John Young (1st Plt).



Idoluis Casares, Terry McBride, Steve Hopper, & Willie McTear
display our Charlie Company Guide-on made by Henry Burleson.



Pat & Bob Geier - Bob's sister, Jackie & Hubbie Bob Zambreno
gettin' ready for Tha Big Ole Parade!



Alan & Diane Richards - first Charlie Company Reunion & first time many of us have seen Alan since 1967.


Kaye French explaining reality to Tom Conroy - ha!


Ben Acevedo (center) talkin' with Jimmie Bowman - Jimmie's
father, Don Peterson, was one of Ben's 1st Platoon buddies
& was killed in action on May 15, 1967.  At the right is Carl
Cortwright who was seriously wounded that same day.


Ronnie Reynolds (2nd Platoon) & his son Joey. . .


Sgt Ted Searcy & wife Wanda - 1st Charlie Company Reunion
& 1st time we've seen Sgt. Searcy since 1967!


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