Jimmie Salazar's Collection

2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Salazar3A copy

2nd Platoon on the march at Fort Riley, Kansas during Advanced Infantry Training - there's Earl Eddings
 (Tennessee) at the left, and Jimmie Salazar (Texas) at center and Ray Layman (Ohio) behind Jimmie.

Salazar3C copy

Jimmie to fire a 3.8 Rocket Launcher at Fort
 Riley, Kansas - Johnny Vista is loadin' him up.

Salazar3B copy

Jimmie firin' his M-14 during Basic Training at Fort Riley.
Yo Jimmie, what is that on your left hand. . . .a little heart tattoo?

Salazar3D copy Salazar3E copy

Whoa - Cool Jungle Cap, Jimmie!
He cannot wait for Viet Nam!

2nd Platoon troopers chowin' down in the field during Basic Training at Fort Riley.
Jimmie at center and Ronnie Bryan at left. . .

Salazar3F copy

It's freezing cold at Fort Riley and Jimmie dreams of exotic places.

Salazar3G copy

Finally, Jimmie is on his way to his fantasy vacation. . .

Salazar3N copy

Jimmie brags to Ben Acevedo about his fine R & R, but Ben refuses to believe a 100 ft. long Buddha exists.

Salazar3H copy Salazar3I copy

Well, there's a 100 ft. long Buddha alright - Jimmie wasn't lyin'. Man, what a life, eh Jimmie - you must've had a great time.
But I noticed you only sent pictures of women with your pal Mario. What's up with that!?

Salazar3J copy

R & R is over and Jimmie is back on the job building bunkers at
 Dong Tam's perimeter. Geez, he looks a little grumpy, huh.

Salazar3K copy

Uh-oh, desperation sets in and Jimmie is plotting an unauthorized
 2nd R & R - could he actually fly one of those things?

Salazar3L copy

Here's Jimmie's fine collection of
military memorabilia, which
represents his 15 years of service
to our great Country.  Thank you for
 your service, Jimmie!

Salazar3M copy
Salazar3O copy
Salazar 3P copy

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