Jimmie Salazar's Collection

2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Salazar2A copy
Salazar2B copy

All Texans:  Front L to R - Richard Vidal, Jimmie Salazar, Frank Rodriguez, ??.
 Middle Row L to R - Gilbert Diaz, Pablo Zamora, Viciniez.
Top Row L to R - Jose Hernandez, Jose Sauceda, Nicholas Dones, Vargas, ??.

Dong Tam - November, 1967. Here's
 Jimmie standing "Short"!


Salazar2C copy
Salazar2H copy

Bill Varsafsky and Mario Lopez takin' a break from building
 bunkers at Dong Tam's perimeter - April, 1967.

Salazar2F copy

Lt. Jack readin' his map upside down - harhar!

Salazar2E copy

Home Town Boys (Austin, Texas) Jimmie and his pal James Holstine

Who is this? Pancho Villa!?

Salazar2G copy
Salazar2D copy

Gil Rodriguez (San Fernando, California) lookin' really grumpy and it's
no wonder - he's surrounded by two menacing Jimmie Salazars!

Lt. Jack Benedick lookin' cool at our Dong Tam perimeter

Salazar2I copy Salazar2W copy

Mario Lopez (El Centro, California) and Jimmie aboard
the USS Benewah in the Mekong Delta.


Salazar2K copy

There goes the 2nd Platoon off to Vung Tau for one day of R & R. Or, as
Willie McTear would say, "The heathens are off to get drunk"!

Fred Harrell (Georgia) chillin' at Dong Tam.

Salazar2L copy

Man, these guys really like being in the U.S. Army!

Salazar2M copy

Nick Dones, Jimmie Salazar and Jose Sauceda
at Dong Tam in the Mekong Delta.

Salazar2O copy

Here's Jimmie posing for Playgirl Magazine.  Oh, wait a
 minute - that magazine hasn't been invented yet.  Doh!

Salazar2N copy

All the comforts of home, eh Jimmie!?  Well, at least the
Navy Barracks Ship was clean and the chow was good.

Salazar2Q copy

Jimmie hangin' out between patrols aboard one of the MRF
 barracks ships - check out the row of Tangos behind him.

Salazar2R copy Salazar2P copy

Richard Vidal and Jimmie wishing they could drive that jeep
from Dong Tam all the way back to Texas!

Bob French wandering aimlessly among our tents
at Dong Tam - May 1967.

Salazar2S copy

Mendez & Salazar down in the Mekong Delta. . .

Salazar2V copy

It's Beer:30 for Jimmie & James Holstine at
the ole Bunker Shelter. . .

Salazar2U copy Salazar2T copy

2nd Platoon Medic, Aron De La Cruz (Beeville, Texas) at right - Aron replaced
Bill Geier who gave the ultimate sacrifice during our June 19th Battle.

Edward P. Diaz from San Antonio.

Salazar2X copy

Bill Varsafsky (Washington) not chillin' at Dong Tam - notice
Sergeant Dan Kerr (far right) . . . he's chillin'. .

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