Richard P. Rubio's Collection

3rd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Rubio 2B Rubio 2A
Rubio 2E Rubio 2C
Rubio 2D Rubio 2F

3rd Platoon troopers on the pontoon deck adjacent to our Navy barracks
ship.  There's Steve Hopper (center) & Machine Gunner Terry McBride.
A rare photos of Terry is NOT flippin' off the photographer. Ha!

Rubio 2G

3rd Platoon troopers burned down a Viet Cong hooch down
in the VC infested Mekong Delta.


Rubio 2M

Probably one of the last photos taken of
Fred "Cool Wig" Kenney before he gave the
ultimate sacrifice on July 11, 1967.


Rubio 2H Rubio 2I
Rubio 2J

Uh-oh. . . I don't even want to know what's goin' on here.

Rubio 2K
Rubio 2O Rubio 2R
Rubio 2N Rubio 2L

James Smith and Fred Kenney - Dong Tam

Rubio 2P Rubio 2Q

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