Specialist 4, Forrest L. Ramos


3rd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th, 2nd Brigade

Binh Dinh Province - June 19, 1967

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December 24, 2004

Hi Bill,

I just read John Bradfield's e-mail to you regarding Forrest Ramos.  Unless my old memory is failing me, Forrest was very close friends with Jose Saucedo, at least up until I left country in May '67.

On the cruise ship going over there they were together all the time.  Do you remember them up on deck and all the antics?  Saucedo would holler real loud, Ramos, WHAT TIME IS IT?  Ramos would reply very loudly, IT'S TIME TO GET OUT OF THIS PLACE.  Everyone would break into laughter.  Then Saucedo would run from the hatch cover to the ships rail and holler, RAMOS.  Ramos would look up and Saucedo would point out to sea and holler, SHARPS! SHARPS! There's SHARPS out there!  Everyone would run to the rail to see and Ramos and Saucedo would go back to the hatch cover and sit down.

This used to go on every 15 minutes or so, all day long.  They were involved in a couple more memorable antics that stand out in my mind.  Does anyone else remember any of them?

The two of them and their constant antics made the long days on board ship bearable.  As far as I can remember, they were still at it when I left Dong Tam.  So, does anyone else remember this or am I losing it after all these years.

My memories of Forrest (we all called him "Ramos") are very vivid along with all of the guys.  He was well liked by everyone who knew him. I'm glad that I knew him, and thought that I'd add my recollections on this Christmas Eve.

Tony Caliari
3rd Platoon, Charlie Company

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