Ralph W. Wilson's  Collection

1st Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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R Wilson 1A
R Wilson 1C R Wilson 1B

Ralph is ready for another
patrol out of Dong Tam.

Ralph on a break aboard a Navy
Barracks ship in the Mekong Delta.

Ralph Wilson following Basic Training.

R Wilson 1E R Wilson 1F

Ralph Wilson, John Sclimenti & Ernie Hartman.
On a break between patrols.

Ralph Wilson, Clarence Shires, ? ?, Jim
Stephenson, and Ernie Hartman (below).


R Wilson 1J R Wilson 1I

Ralph & his mother Millie just after returning from Vietnam.

Sonny, Ralph & John Sclimenti on the Mekong River.

R Wilson 1K R Wilson 1L

Ralph (ctr) at Dong Tam with 2 pals (unknown).

Ralph (2nd from left) & his 1st Platoon buddies.

R Wilson 1N R Wilson 1M

Dick ?, Wes Ostrum & Ed Diaz bewteen patrols.

Man, who didn't get a kick out of firing
an M-60 Machine Gun?

R Wilson 1O
R Wilson 1P

Ralph Wilson, ? ?, John Bauler, Ernie Hartman,
? Edwards, & ? Rivera.


John Sclimenti & Ernie Hartman.

R Wilson 1Q

Three of Ralph's buddies,
Brown, Sonny & Taramoto
at Dong Tam.


R Wilson 1G
R Wilson 1D
R Wilson 1H

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