Richard Northcott's  Collection

Mortars Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Richard hangin' out with James Ericsson between patrols at Dong Tam.

Richard lookin' good with his trusty M-60 Machine
Gun and lookin' forward to the next patrol - sure.

Need a name - Mortars
Platoon Trooper.

Richard on a smoke break during
a Mekong Delta patrol.

Mortars Platoon Trooper
Ronnie Gann.

Jimmie Salazar and his 2nd Platoon
buddies inspecting a V. C. tunnel.

Young woman with
child during Q & A.

Our favorite little river boats that constantly took us to some  really
bad places.  The Navy dropped us off so that we could trek about the
countryside - then picked us up several days later.

Charlie Company leaving the USS Benewah for a patrol.

Bob French thinkin', what the
hell am I doin' here. He was
wounded on June 19, 1967!


Charlie Company troopers on another fine little trek out into the countryside.

ARVN Army Troopers on patrol with C Company.

Richard taking a break.

Home Sweet Home on bunker guard duty.

Richard on bunker guard duty with his favorite little
toys - M-60 Machine Gun & M-16/Starlight Scope.

One of Vung Tau's busy streets.  One of Richard's
and John's favorite vacation destinations.

Richard and his buddies on Rest and Relaxation in Taiwan and wishin' they were finished with Viet Nam.
That's Richard skiing and John Sclimenti standing.

Hello John Sclimenti!  You were Charlie Company's
true comedian. Many
thanks for keeping our
spirits up!

Who is this guy?
Richard cannot remember
his name.


Richard, this photo was taken
say, approximately 100 lbs
ago, 1967
......hmm? Harhar!

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