Special Events

Charlie Company's 2012 Reunion - New Orleans

September 6th - 9th Embassy Suites: 135 Attendees!

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2012Reunion 3C

Andy's daughter wrote this nice letter...

2012Reunion 3B

Jack, Nancy & Mike Benedick, Meg Reynolds, Jacque & Jessica Bomann & Bill Reynolds at the University of Southern Miss in Hattiesburg. Prior to speaking with a group of ROTC students.

2012Reunion 3D

From left: Jack Benedick, Abigail & Andy, Jacque & Jessica,
Bill Reynolds, Bruce Herke, and Mike Benedick.
 Jill Wiest was serving up a fine dinner for us.


2012Reunion 3E 2012Reunion 3F

USM classroom where Jack Benedick Bill Reynolds, Jacque Bomann
& John Young spoke about their Vietnam War experience. By the time we
started it was standing room only with well over 100 attendees.


John Young waiting for our classoom
discussion to begin.

2012Reunion 3H

Mike Benedick, Jaccque & Jessica Bomann

2012Reunion 3J

Jacque, Jessica and Bill having a fine Mugshots lunch

2012Reunion 3G

Having lunch at Mugshots in Hattiesburg. Nancy, Jack
and Jacque.


2012Reunion 3I

Meg Reynolds, Bruce Herke & Nancy Benedick

2012Reunion 3K 2012Reunion 3L

Following our USM classroom event, we all celebrated at a fine
Hattieburg bar, "Keg and Barrel".  What a blast!.


Meg Reynolds & Nancy Benedick having a fine time!

Photos below courtesy of James Nall, 1st Platoon - Charlie Company

2012Reunion 4A 2012Reunion 4B

Willie McTear, Tim Fischer & James Nall

James & Lilly Nall

2012Reunion 4C

James with Jacque Bomann & her Granddaughter Jessica.

2012Reunion 4E

Bill & Meg Reynolds

2012Reunion 4H

French Quarter

2012Reunion 4D

Doug & Linda Wilson

2012Reunion 4F

Elijah "Doc" Taylor & his friend Delores Sharp.

2012Reunion 4G

Ernie Hartman & Jim Dennison

2012Reunion 4I 2012Reunion 4J

John Bradfield, James Smith, James Nall, Willie McTear, & Andy Wiest

Tom Meyers & James Nall

2012Reunion 4K

Stan Cockerell, Willie McTear, Frank Schwan, James Nall

2012Reunion 4M

Bob French, Jack Benedick & Steve Hopper

2012Reunion 4L

James Nall with Pat Geier & Tim Fischer looking on.

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