Special Events

Charlie Company's 2012 Reunion - New Orleans

September 6th - 9th Embassy Suites: 135 Attendees!

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2012Reunion 2A 2012Reunion 2B
2012Reunion 2C
2012Reunion 2U

1st Platoon trooperTom Meyers and wife Eileen.

2012Reunion 2Y

2nd Platoon trooper Bob Ehlert with wife Linda.

2012Reunion 2X 2012Reunion 2W

Andy Wiest & John Young embrace following Steve Hopper awarding
them plaques recognizing their dedication to "The Boy's of '67".


Terry "Von Zip" McBride

2012Reunion 2Z 2012Reunion 2V

2nd Platoon Trooper Bob French and wife Kaye

2nd Platoon Trooper Frank Schwan & wife Linda

2012Reunion 2ZZ

1st Platton trooper, Doug Wilson - looking
good ole buddy!


2012Reunion 2S

2nd Platoon troopers Stan Cockerell and Willie McTear
recalling thier good ole days in Charlie Company.

2012Reunion 2I

Jill and Andy Wiest in complete shock!

2012Reunion 2H

Andy Wiest ponying up to Tom Conroy for
his "Boy's of '67" t-shirts.


2012Reunion 2ZZZ

1st Platoon Leader Lynn Hunt & Terry McBride.
Signing books!

2012Reunion 2E

Tim & Sandy Fischer's family enjoying a very fine
banquet dinner evening.


2012Reunion 2F

3rd Platoon troopers Richard Rubio & Tim Fischer out of control.

2012Reunion 2J

1st Platoon Trooper
Gene Harvey


2012Reunion 2G

Bruce Herke of Osprey Publishing
calling for more books!


2012Reunion 2Q 2012Reunion 2R

Andy signing more books for Stan Cockerell

Terry McBride and Stan Cockerell

2012Reunion 2T 2012Reunion 2P

Stan Cockerell, Willie McTear, Frank Schwan & James Nall

New Orleans River Walk scene

2012Reunion 2K 2012Reunion 2N

2nd Platoon Trooper Bob French

Nancy Benedick and sister Karen Rolle

2012Reunion 2L

Jessica Bomann & Karin Kerr

2012Reunion 2M

Our hospitality room was buzzing with everyone socializing and
signing each others books.


2012Reunion 3M

2nd Platoon leaders, Lt. Jack Benedick & Sgt Dan Kerr recalling the good ole days
in the Mekong Delta. Without these fine men, fewer of us would have made it out alive.

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