James O. Nall's Collection

1st Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Nall 2A Nall 2B

James was wounded during a fierce firefight on November 18, 1967
at Fire Base Cudgel with Charlie Company, 5th/60th.

James loved the big guns and they were
fun to fire!


Nall 2C Nall 2D
Nall 2F Nall 2E

Here's James visiting with his new friend named "Linda".

Nall 2G

James smiling again - cleaning weapons was better than a patrol.

Nall 2H

James guarding Dong Tam's perimeter.

Nall 2I Nall 2K
Nall 2J Nall 2L

One thing about James, he knew how to relax - Dong Tam.

Nall 2M Nall 2N

John Sclimenti between patrols.

Nall 2O Nall 2R
Nall 2Q Nall 2P

Pretty Linda sure made the rounds.

Bob Eisenbaugh enjoying guard duty - Dong Tam.

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Nall 2U Nall 2V

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