Gary "Doc" Maibach's Collection

1st Platoon, C Company, 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry


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Machine gunner, Jerry Specht from Seattle, with Doc
Maibach - goin' on patrol out of Camp Bearcat.

1st Platoon troopers ready for patrol - Left to Right: Cecil Bridges,
Gary "Granny" Gronseth, Lt. B.K. Smith, and Sgt. Bobby Balch.

There's Gene Harvey (Southern Cal)
hiring a taxi - these Lambretta's were everywhere around South Viet Nam's roadways.

Scenes of Vung Tau, South Viet Nam's premier
resort city, which was an R & R destination for
lucky Charlie Company troopers.

May, 1967 - Sergeants Buford Hoover, Bobby Balch, Ben Acevedo,
and John Young on the day we left Dong Tam for the boats.

John Sclimenti, James Nall & Dave Davidson shortly after arrival
at Dong Tam in May, 1967 - notice our great facilities - not!

Don Peterson & Doug Wilson - photo taken just days prior to our
May 15, 1967 Battle, whereby Don gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Here's a typical rural Vietnamese home - many of these dirt
floor hootches were used by the Viet Cong.

Nov. 23, 1967 - Doc aboard APL-26
hospital ship. Dave Cook's try at portrait
photography with his new Polaroid.

Doc's first suture patient - as you can see by the smiles, he
healed quite well. It's a shame that we do not have this
Purple Heart recipient's name.

August '67 - Doc maibach & Elijah Taylor (3rd Platoon) just before
Elijah was transferred to the 2nd/39th.  Elijah was an original
Charlie Company trooper out of Fort Riley, Kansas.


Here's Doc with his medals - the Army
Commendation and Bronze Star - way to go, Doc!

An Awards Formation for presentation and pinning
on of medals earned - December, 1967.

December, 1967 - The Doc's at work aboard
APL-26 on a soldier's injured foot.

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