Mario L. Lopez's Collection

2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

Charlie Company Memorabilia

M. Lopez 1B

Here's Mario Lopez at the steps of our
Charlie Company Barracks in the
Summer of 1966 - Fort Riley, Kansas.


Message from Jimmie Salazar - December 28, 2009. I met Mario in May of 1966 at Fort
Riley, Kansas when became part of the 9th Infantry Division as it was reactivated for combat
duty in Vietnam. Mario was a young guy from Calexico, California and I was from Austin,
Texas. Our friendship hit right off and we were inseperable all through training and in
Vietnam - we took care of each other, not only in the field but wherever we went.  After our
June 19th Battle we were seperated because of the "infusion" program in which Mario was
transferred to the 4th Infantry Division and I satyed behind in Charlie Company where I
finished my tour of duty in Janiuary 1968.

I didn't see Mario again until we were clearing post at Camp Bearcat getting ready to come
home.  Upon arrival at Travis Air Force Base we didn't have time to exchange addresses or
phone numbers. So for 42 years I searched for Mario to no avail, but one July day this year
I received a phone call from a friend who told me he had heard from Mario and so we finally
made contact with each other.  We had a bit of a reunion when I traveled to his home in
Sacramento, California - we spent several days together reminiscing the good ole days and
showing each other our old Army photos.  It was a a fine visit and Mario really hasn't changed
one bit; he's still the same old fun loving guy he always was. That trip brought closure to a
very long search and now Mario is back with all of his ole Army buddies.
Welcome Home Brother!


M. Lopez 1E

2nd Platoon Troopers on bivouc at Fort Riley - far left: Bill Varsafsky, at center:
Mario Lopez, then Jimmie Salazar (who loves c-rations & bivouc).
Bill Reynolds at right, behind Jimmie.


M. Lopez 1A

All dressed up & no place to go on a Saturday morning
at Fort Riley - no money, no car, no women.  But Jimmie
Salazar is still smilin' - man, did he love Army life - Ha!


M. Lopez 1D

Once again, there's Mario & Jimmie screwing around during
bivouc at Fort Riley... there's Sgt Reynolds (behind Mario)
wondering, "Whot Tha"!?


M. Lopez 1G
M. Lopez 1C

Jimmie Salazar & Richard Rubio (top); Jim
Holestine and Mario Lopez in front... on bivouc.
Fort Riley, Kansas - Summer of 1966.


M. Lopez 1F

There's Mario in Sunglasses - the 2nd platoon waits to board our luxurious
WWII era troop ship for a wonderful voyage to Vietnam - January 1967.


M. Lopez 1H

What happened to our luxury cabin! with a private
deck?  Idoluis Casares at left - Jimmie across
the aisle with Mario & Ray Layman above.

M. Lopez 1J

Facing camera, left to right: Jimmie Salazar, Mario Lopez
& James Holestine. 2nd Platoon troopers headed to shore at
Vung Tau from our troop ship - January 1967.


M. Lopez 1L

2nd Platoon troopers, Willie Williams, Jimmie Salazar,
Fred Harrell, and Danny Fischer - Dong Tam - June 1967.

M. Lopez 1I M. Lopez 1K

There's Jimmie Salazar & Mario Lopez (center)
waiting in the chow line aboard our troop ship,
the USS General John Pope - Jan 1967.


2nd Platoon saddled up and ready for patrol - Dong Tam - 1967.

M. Lopez 1M
M. Lopez 1N

Troopers Ricki Vidal & Jimmie Salazar happy to be on
the Navy Barracks Ship and not out on patrol.


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