Larry Lilley's Collection

1st Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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A typical propaganda leaflet dropped in Viet Cong held Mekong Delta hamlets which reads: What kind of life style would you like to have? Mutual trust or?

Back side of leaflet

Do you like other people in your organization to check or investigate you for everything you do, even when you go to the toilet?  Do you like other people in your organization to report your harmless words/ideas/opinions to your senior officer and cause your senior officer to suspect the things you say/think?  Do you like to have self determination or dictate by others?                          IF YOU DON'T LIKE: Leave your organization, return back to Vietnameses Government; you are always welcome back. You can become a citizen in a free society by leaving that organization.

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