Special Events

Charlie Company's 2010 Reunion - Las Vegas, Nevada

May 21st - 22nd - Golden Nugget Hotel - 90 Attendees!

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2010Reunion LV 13 2010Reunion LV 15

Dinner at Tony Romas - from left, Frank & Linda Schwan,
Meg Reynolds, Linda & Stan Cockerell, & Jennifer & Steve Hopper.


Here's Frank and Linda Schwan lovin' Las Vegas!

2010Reunion LV 16

Have you ever seen Steve without a smile on his
face!? I don't think so!  Hi Jennifer!


2010Reunion LV 18

1st Platoon troopers Gary "Doc" Maibach, Jim Stephens
and Steve Huntsman - thanks for attending, guys!


2010Reunion LV 17

3 faithful Charlie Company wives, Maryann Maibach,
Meg Reynolds and Jennifer Hopper.


2010Reunion LV 21

Doc Maibach, Joey & Ronnie Reynolds and Herb Lind - Doc
must have good one goin'. . . :o}


2010Reunion LV 38 2010Reunion LV 32

Two more Ole Reliables, Willie and Diane McTear.
Willie, you know you are one very lucky ole soldier!


Darla Sammons, Jim Stephens and Marty Renert - Jim, you are undoubtably
one of the happiest ole soldiers I know. It was good seeing you!

2010Reunion LV 33

True Old Reliables from left: Marty Renert, Bill Reynolds,
Chip Kalscheur, Linda Renert, and Lucy Kalscheur.


2010Reunion LV 42

1st Platoon's Dave Jarczewski all the way from New York
with his traveling buddy, Richard Krajewski.


2010Reunion LV 36

1st time reunion attendees, from left, 2nd Platoon's Larry Hoyle and his son Brian, Janice Pattillo
and her traveling buddy, Joanne Mink.  Welcome aboard & we hope to see you at the next one!

2010Reunion LV 40 2010Reunion LV 43

2nd Platoon ole pals, Frank Schwan and Mario Lopez and Mario's
main squeeze, Rose Green and Jennifer Hopper. All havin' a great time!

Once again the Geier Family is well represented; Jim is
surounded by his kids, Noah & his wife Polly and Jonah.


2010Reunion LV 46

Mike, Nikki, Ethan and Jake"The Terrorizer" Reynolds.

2010Reunion LV 61

Here are Doug & Linda Wilson fine lookin' kids,
Jennylin, Luke and Jake - yup, they favor their Mom!

2010Reunion LV 48

Jake and Ethan's new buddy, Noah Geier. . .

2010Reunion LV 51

Delores Sharp and her main squeeze, Elijah "Doc"
Taylor.  Doc you are takin' care of business!


2010Reunion LV 55 2010Reunion LV 52

4th Platoon Troopers gettin' ready to chow down - kudos to
Meg Reynolds for organizing a mighty fine chow line.


Two fine Ole Reliables, Maryann & Doc Maibach, who
never miss a Charlie Company Reunion - BRAVO!

Two documentaries were shown at this reunion - one commemorates Charlie Company's 2008 reunion
in San Antonio, Texas at Veteran's Day W/E.  This video also honors two ole troopers we've lost since
that reunion, Ben Acevedo and Danny Bailey.
                               Check this:

This next video (Part I & Part II) documents Jack Benedick's induction into the Olympics Hall of Fame.
Be sure to watch both videos - Part I:

                                                 Part II: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HouVXVdCRAM

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