Captain Rollo R. Larson's Collection

C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

Charlie Company Memorabilia

Lynn Hunt 36 Lynn Hunt 37

Photos contributed by
Lt. Lynn Hunt
1st Platoon, Charlie
Company, 4th/47th.


Lt. Colonel Guy Tutwiler awards Captain Rollo Larson the Bronze - approx May, 1967.

Lynn Hunt 03

Elements of Captain Larson's Charlie
Company ready to depart Fort Riley's Custer
Hill training facility for Oakland, California
to board the troop ship, USS General John
Pope for a 3 week journey to South Vietnam.
January 1967 (notice the snow).


Lynn Hunt 09 Lynn Hunt 11

The photo above is aboard the USS General John Pope; we're either just boarding in Oakland or just arriving
in Okinawa fro refueling - January 1967.

The photos at right show us debarking our troops ship
& getting ready to ride deuce and a halfs to Camp
Bearcat. Oh happy days!

Lynn Hunt 10

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