Sergeant Elmer F. Kenney

3rd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th, 2nd Brigade

Long An Province - July 11, 1967

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Fred & Smitty, with John Bradfield and Johnny Jasper looking from behind.
Photo taken aboard the USS Benewah in the Mekong Delta.



3rd Platoon troopers between patrols.  Jose Sauceda (left), Tony
Caliari (center), Forrest Ramos (right), & Fred Kenney (lower right).

Here's Forrest Ramos right after Charlie
Company arrived at Dong Tam.


Charlie Company buddies, Elijah "Doc" Taylor (3rd
Platoon & Donald Jackson (2nd Platoon).

Terry McBride on the left and Forrest Ramos on the
right. Who are the two guys in the middle?



Apparently, we had a USO show going on here; does anyone remember this event?

Kenney2I Kenney2J

Tom Conroy's Poem, "Remembering Fred Kenney"   December 22, 2003

I saw your name upon The Wall and I cried so many tears

It seems just like yesterday, but it's been so many years

I saw so many faces of Veterans with welting eyes

We never told you how we felt, or got to say our goodbyes

Your memory etched in our minds, you were so brave and bold

Stories of your young lives still need to be told

You were eager and full of life, and waiting to go home

I'm sorry for not getting to you while you were lying all alone

I've cried so many tears my friend, I cannot forget that awful day

I heard your cries and screams for help, but then you heard God say

You're coming home to be with me, I'll guide you through the light

Your life was gone, you had gone home and I cried through the night

My life has been filled with sorrow to remember how you died

But I know that you are in heaven and looking down with pride

When we meet again someday, I hope you will take my hand

For we will be Brothers again and together in the promised land

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