Steven R. Hopper's Collection

3rd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Hopper 2B
Hopper 2E

Joe "Shorty" Barron & Tim Fisher bewteen patrols aboard
our barracks ship, the USS Benewah near Vung Tau.


Hopper 2A

Okay, here's the deal: Either Steve grew several inches in height, or he's been in the Mekong's wetlands too long, or he's ready
for the great flood of 1967.

Hopper 2F

What's the name of this fine example of a trooper?

Hopper 2D

Alan Richards & Steve Hopper looking for more beer.
Camp Bearcat - March 1967.


Hopper 2H

Greetings, James Smith - AKA: Smitty!

Hopper 2C

Who are these guys - sorry?

Hopper 2G

Is this the "evil" Steve Hopper or has he just added
another notch to his short timer's stick?


Hopper 2I

Robert Bridges and Alan Richards - Camp Bearcat.

Hopper 2J

Steve & the fellas on a beer break on the Benewah's
pontoon in the Mekong Delta.


Hopper 2N

Terry McBride offering up his standard California salute. Haha!

Hopper 2O Hopper 2L

I need names & I don't remember if this is
Custer Hill's EM Club or not... ?


Steve & I dunno. . .

Here's Steve rarin' to go for a good
time, but no place to go - harhar.


Hopper 2M Hopper 2K

Steve & I dunno. . .

Richard Rubio, James Cusanelli & Elijah "Doc" Taylor.

Hopper 2Q

Here's Steve (center) and two fellow basic trainee
drill instructors at Fort Lenoard Wood, Missouri.

Hopper 2R

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