Robert L. Good's Collection

3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Bob Good 4C Bob Good 4F

Bravo troopers during a patrol - at left: Jim Miller, Harry Love,
Dalton Tom & the other two are unknown.


Here's Bob Good enjoying a cool
one between patrols


Bob Good 4D

Bravo troopers between patrols and waiting for a
Company formation at Dong Tam.


Bob Good 4A

At left: Tom Thompson and kneeling at left is Harry Love.
The other two are unknown.


Bob Good 4E Bob Good 4G

Bravo Company headed out on another Heuy helicopter assualt mission.

L to R at top: Eugene Schmitz,Jim Miller & Tom
Thompson.  Soldier at lower right is unknown.


Bob Good 4H

Bob Good's feet - perfect example of Jungle Rot in the Mekong!

Bob Good 4L

Jim Miller & Dave Cox between patrols at Dong Tam.

Bob Good 4I Bob Good 4J

Jerry Ferris at left & Robert Fletcher at lower right.

Phil Cook and Jerry Ferris.

Bob Good 4B

Lt. Col Rhotenberry, I believe.

Bob Good 4P

Phil Cook

Bob Good 4K

Does anyone recognize
this soldier?


Bob Good 4M

Jim Miller and Henry LaPrad.

Bob Good 4O

Jerry Ferris

Bob Good 4N Bob Good 4Q

Ralph Mecka - Recon trooper

Jerry Ferris

Bob Good 4R

Bob Good, Phil Bateman & Jim Franklin
Angel Fire, New Mexico - May 2013

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