Robert L. Good's Collection

3rd Platoon, Bravo Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Bob Good 1A
Bob Good 1B
Bob Good 1C
Bob Good 1E Bob Good 1D

3rd Platoon troopers on a well deserved beer break - Lt. Phil Bateman (center).

Jerry Matheis (3rd Platoon), the day after our big
battle near Ap Bac Village.  June 20, 1967.


Bob Good 1G
Bob Good 1F

Several 3rd Platoon troopers crossing the river to
advance on the VC's position - June 19, 1967.


3rd Platoon troopers during our June 19th Battle.

Bob Good 1I

Jim Millerand Bob Good taking a break after a hard fought battle.

Bob Good 1J

Bob Good, center, & Jim Franklin at right
with Dong Tam in the distance.

Bob Good 1H

This is the site of our June 19th Battle near Ap Bac Village
where we were all pinned down... all day.


Bob Good 1K

Lt. Phil Bateman, enjoying the Mekong - Jul '67

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