Ronnie L. Gann's Collection

4th Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

Charlie Company

Gann1C copy

Charlie Company troopers takin' a break between patrols in the Mekong Delta
 on the USS Benewah's pontoon. There's Mike O'Gara sitting at right (facing
camera) and Jimmie Salazar at center of the five guys standing.

Gann1F copy

Ron Gann the Mortar Man! Firing this weapon
with skill &accuracy was quite a speciality.


Paris Fadden - 4th Platoon
replacement from Minnesota.


June 1967 - That's the USS Benewah - home sweet home and
headquarters for the Mobile Riverine Force.

Gann1D copy

Sgt. Pedro Blas looking over Wes Ostrem's shoulder - the RTO is Paris, who
transferred from the 4th I.D & the fellow smiling is a Vietnamese soldier.

Gann1E copy

Anyone know this soldier's name?


General Fulton awards Ronnie Gann his 2nd Purple Heart.  It was Ronnie's
  21st Birthday - he and The General celebrated with beer and cup cakes.

Gann1L Gann1O

Ronnie Gann chowing down a fresh pineapple.

Alan Richards swimming in the muddy Mekong River.

Gann1J Gann1K

Robert Jindra gave the ultimare sacrifice on June 19, 1967.

Kenny Frakes also died on June 19, 1967.


Ronnie got his 1st Purple Heart from our June 19th Battle
near Ap Bac Village down in the Mekong.



Two 4th Platoon troopers digging a mortar pit at Camp Bearcat.


Berm guard duty at Dong Tam was uneventful but
night timecould be quite another story.


4th Platoon's tent & mortar trench at Camp Bearcat.

Gann1N Gann1Q

Alan Richards setting a claymore mine
for the night while on patrol.


Mortar Platoon's home sweet home in the Mekong Delta.
March - April 1967.

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