Tim Fischer's  Collection

3rd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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June, 1967 - Charlie Company in formation at Dong Tam . . .

3rd Platoon troopers drying out their feet and relaxing between patrols aboard
the USS Benewah - there's Tim (foreground) reading and listening to his radio.

3rd Platoon on patrol in the Mekong Delta.
 looks like they grabbed 2 Viet Cong suspects.

Tim on a 1 Day R & R at "Newport Beach" in Saigon.

3rd Platoon troopers on the USS Benewah. Below, scenes of Saigon . . .

Fischer3N copy

Captain Herb Lind, Paul Roy, Tim Fischer, Jim Dennison, Jack Benedick,
and Ben Acevedo. Photo taken at Tim Ficsher's place - April 2008.

Fischer3O copy Fischer3P copy

Herb Lind & Tim Fischer's hunting trip - Wyoming, October 2011

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