Tom "Doc" Duthie's Collection

4th Platoon, E Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade


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01/16/68 Here's the serious damage done by a land mine that was exploded
remotely by VC on Dec 21, 1967, thus ending Tom's tour of duty in the Nam.

Reserves Forces School, Fort Vancouver,
Wa - May, 1989.  Tom trained new medics.


May 11, 1986 - Tom with his lovely Natalie.  Life is
 just too good after the Nam, eh Tom!


Tom Duthie - Service Officer for his VFW post in
 Molalla, Oregon.  Photo taken April 25, 2006

July, 2001 - Natalie and Tom with sons Scott (19), Adam (25)
 and Skye (8) in their backyard. It sure is a good thing that
those fine boys have their Mom's good looks, huh Tom.

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