Special Events

Charlie Company's 2006 Reunion - Washington D.C.

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Tomb Of The Unknown Soldiers - Changing of the guard
- Arlington National Cemetery -

Laying Of The Wreath Ceremony - Bob Geier, Paul Ramos with Barbara Hill (Fred Kenney's wife), and Jim Geier.

2006Reunion2C 2006Reunion2A

Diane & Willie McTear at "The Wall"

Laying Of The Wreath Ceremony - June Layman and Willie McTear
with Jace Johnston (left) and Trey Tutwiler.


Left: Gary Maibach, Tim Fischer (kneeling), Larry Lilley, Idoluis
Casares, Charlie Nelson, Bill Reynolds, Jack Benedick, Stan
Cockerell, Bernie Windmiller (in red), Herb Lind, Tom Conroy,
Curtis Irvin, Frank Schwan, and Bob Ehlert.

Bob & Jim Geier display Charlie Company's plaque,
"In Memory of our Fallen Brothers".
 Plaque provided by Jace Johnston.


Idoluis Casares, Bill Reynolds, Charlie Nelson (front),
Jack Benedick, and Bernie Windmiller.

The Ramos Family - Forrest Ramos' brother, Paul (center),
and three sisters, nephew Gabriel (right).


Bill Reynolds, Willie McTear & John Bradfield at "The Wall"


Chaplain Bernie Windmiller conducting a Prayer Service at "The Wall" following placement of two Wreaths that were used earlier in memory of Charlie Company's fallen soldiers at "The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldiers".

2006Reunion2L 2006Reunion2M

Barbara Hill (Kenney) displaying Charlie Company's Plaque.

Lt. Jack in a private moment of reflection. . .

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