Mike Cramer's  Collection

2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Charlie Company's Party - Fort Riley, Kansas - Nov. 1966.  Rollie
Gangler (wasn't he in American Graffiti?) & Stan Cockerell at right.

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Gene Harvey from Southern California.

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There's Mike Cramer lovin' a day off from training.

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Sgt. Smith - Charlie Co.'s Mess Sergeant.  Bob Jindra stands
behind him.  Bob gave the ultimate sacrifice June 19, 1967.


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October 1966 - 2nd Platoon on maneuvers near the old farm house
at Fort Riley. Mario Lopez back left and Willie McTear to his right.


Mike Cramer & Butch Eakins & their 90's. Mario
Lopez, Don Jackson & Willie McTear behind them.

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2nd Platoon troopers on maneuvers - Don Jackson at right.

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Sergeant Buford Hoover facing camera.

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2nd Platoon troopers cleaning weapons after a training assault exercise.
There's Larry Hoyle at left - October 1966.

Mike Cramer carryin' his 90MM recoilless
rifle during training at Fort Riley.

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Mike aboard the USS General John Pope
(Sloop John B) headed to Viet Nam.
January 27, 1967.


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Helicopter training at Fort Riley - Nov. 1966

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Cramer4N copy

Okinawa - January 1967 - our troop ship docked
here for five hours to resupply.


Cramer4P copy

Our big day finally arrived as we head to shore at
Vung Tau, South Viet Nam -January 31, 1967.


Southern California Baptists aboard the USS General John Pope
L to R:  Chaplain John Dolaghan - USN (West Hollywood), James Adams
(Panarama City), Pfc Richie (Van Nuys), Mike Cramer (Panarama City),
Pfc Hicks (Valley Park), Chaplain Johnson - USA.


Cramer4O copy

4th/47th Battalion troopers preparing to disembark the USS Pope at
Vung Tau.  Wilson Burleson & Frank Modde nervously smoking.


Cramer4Q copy
Cramer4R copy

Charlie Company troopers don
flak jackets and load up for the
wild ride to Camp Bearcat. The
duece and a half drivers went
40 mph bumper to bumper.


2nd Day in Viet Nam
Mike Cramer & Butch Eakins.


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