Edward J. "Sonny" Castellano's Collection

2nd Platoon, A Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

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Here's Sonny on patrol outside Camp Bearcat's
perimeter - April, 1967.


Mike Lethcoe and Sonny aboard the troop ship, USS General John Pope
enroute to South Viet Nam - January, 1967.


Sonny showing off his fine M-14 rifle at Fort Riley's Custer Hill facility - too
bad he had to swap it for a cruddy M-16 before departing for Viet Nam.


Rick Uhey, Bob Wright & Rick Zimmer (hat)
ridin' a Tango in the Mekong Delta - May 1967


Sonny's buddies, Rick Zimmer and Jerry Heckers aboard a tango
headed back from a three day Mekong Delta patrol - May 1967.


Now we know why Uncle Sam needed Sonny in the good
ole Infantry - man, what a diggin' machine - he loved it!


March, 1967 - Between patrols, Alpha troopers relax on
the Mobile Riverine Force Barracks Ship, USS Henrico.

Absolutely amazing!  Sonny found a live
puppy in Viet Nam - Dong Tam - April, 1967

Sonny & Rick Zimmer holding a mortar chunk that
narrowly missed them & Rick Zimmer - April, 1967.

They're laughing now, but after a hot chunk of metal
slammed into mud near them, undies were checked.

Sonny tickling Rick Uhey's funny bone aboard a
 barracks ship - aren't these guys lovin' Army life.

Sonny's cool jacket, which he still has to this day. Sonny, did you buy
this at Dong Tam's PX or in Saigon?

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