Ronnie Bryan's Collection

2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade


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Bryan4B copy

Ronnie at our 2005 Charlie Company Reunion displaying his Purple Heart and the Viet Cong bullet that hit him during the battle of June 19, 1967.

Bryan4C copy
Bryan4A copy

A close look shows the bullet's extreme distortion having
slammed into Ronnie's buttocks & the resulting damage
to his left leg is noticeable. This proves my theory
that Ronnie was a hard ass in his youth. . .

These 2 photos are courtesy of Bill Varsafsky. Bill visited Ronnie at the 3rd Field Hospital in Saigon shortly after Ronnie was severely wounded.

Bryan4D copy

Here's Ronnie recouperating before he was sent back to the good ole USA.

Bryan4I copy
Bryan4H copy Bryan4E copy
Bryan4F copy Bryan4G copy
Bryan4J copy

Ronnie had barely finished one year of Army Duty before he was seriously wounded on June 19, 1967.  He spent the remainder of his two year hitch  seeking treatment from Saigon to Japan, back to Fort Riley and then to Fitzsimons, and finally with the VA in Kansas City.  His weight dropped to 96lbs during his ordeal, but notice that Ronnie was smiling all the way through. Probably because he knew he had Bonnie's constant love and support. Ronnie, you are one very lucky man!

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