Ronnie Bryan's Collection

2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade


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Bryan3C copy

After traveling halfway around the world via train, troop ship and trucks, Ronnie finds himself at Camp Bearcat.

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February, 1967 - Bob French and Ronnie enjoying fine facilities at Camp Bearcat.

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Bryan3H copy

Here's Ronnie Bryan, King of the Bush! Yo Ronnie, is that Australian headgear?

Bryan3I copy

Ronnie's buddy, Dennis Rieskamp. What R U doing, Dennis? Camp Bearcat - Jan 1967

Bryan3B copy

Smilin' Ronnie Bryan from Missouri - one of our excellent M-60 Machine Gunners.  Ronnie, are you thinkin' how you can pull another one of your sneaky, lowdown tricks on one of our unsuspecting
....... hmmmmm?

Speakin' of sneaky tricks, look at Ronnie's mischevious grin as he decorates a Mamason's hat! He then filled it with shaving cream and placed it smack on her head. Man, did that stir up a squawk.  Ha!

Bryan3E copy
Bryan3F copy

Bob "Big Red" Ehlert from Minnesota. If I were a Viet Cong, this is not the U.S. soldier I'd want to run into!

Bill Reynolds, another Southern California soldier that was subjected to serving with Ronnie in the 2nd Platoon. Nice Army issue specs, huh!

Bryan3K copy

Welcome to Dong Tam, 2nd Platoon! There's Bob French facing the camera and Bill Geier to his right.

Bryan3L copy

Butch Eakins, Frank Modde and Ronnie discussing their wonderful Army life at Dong Tam. . .

Bryan3J copy

After a grueling patrol out of Dong Tam, Ronnie is
 right at home in his fine sleeping quarters - haha!

Bryan3O copy Bryan3P copy

Life at Dong Tam "Before Big Tents". Ronnie and Bill Reynolds with Butch Eakins behind.

Life at Dong Tam "With Big Tents". From left: Bill Reynolds, Ronnie, Big Bob Ehlert (sitting), Bob French, and Larry Walters. . .

Bryan3M copy

Charlie Nelson and Ronnie on patrol in the Mekong Delta.

Bryan3Q copy

Is Donald lookin' at the camera or Ronnie's M-60?

Bryan3N copy Bryan3R copy

Ronnie is loaded up with ammo and chow!

The early days at Dong Tam sure was muddy - there's Ronnie and Bill Geier. . .

Bryan3G copy

2nd Platoon troopers, Idoluis Casares from Texas, Willie McTear from Las Vegas and Big Bob
 Ehlert from Minnesota, getting ready for another patrol out of Dong Tam - April, 1967.

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