Corporal Cecil Benny Bridges

1st Platoon, C Company, 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry

Dinh Tuong Province - July 29, 1967


Charlie Company

Memorial by John W. Young - January 11, 2001

Benny was as good as they come!

I was his squad leader during that terrible year of 1967.  Benny and I were standing shoulder-to-shoulder when a sniper mistook him for me, and shot him dead.  I'll never know why I'm here, and he's gone.  I think of him most every day of my life, and always with sorrow for a buddy lost, grief for a good young man gone.

I've tried many times to find family members to tell them how things happened, and how fine a young soldier he was, but without success.  I would like very much to hear from his family or friends in Texas.

Cecil Bridges, Jim Dennison and Don Peterson at Dong Tam - Several weeks after this photo was taken Don was killed in action - May 15, 1967. Cecil was killed in action July 29, 1967; both actions occurred in Dinh Tuong Province.

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