Special Events

Charlie Company's 2008 Reunion - San Antonio, Texas

Veteran's Day Weekend, November 7th - 9th  110 Attendees!

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Final details are worked out with our audio/visual technician
just prior to Charlie Company's Banquet Dinner festivities begin.


Many thanks to Linda Cockerell for her great work
in creating our table decorations and programs.


2008Reunion4C 2008Reunion4E

Willie & Diane McTear - Willie, you scored!

Bob & Jackie "Geier" Zambreno, Mom & Pat Geier & Ralph Christopher


John Young, Charlie Nelson and Elijah "Doc" Taylor

2008Reunion4F 2008Reunion4G

Jace Johnston, Larry & Kay Lukes having a fine evening in San Antone!

Always smilin' Tom & Vicky Conroy


Henry & Leeann Burleson - Thank you, Henry!


Mary & Jimmie Salazar and Ronnie Reynolds with son Joey - Go 2nd Platoon!

2008Reunion4K 2008Reunion4J

Man, did these guys liven things up - there's Mary Salazar gettin'
into it and requesting special songs.  Way to go Mary!


Ray & Joe Layman escorting their beautiful
Mom, Junie - Thanks guys, you're the best!

2008Reunion4N 2008Reunion4L

Hey Willie, somehow I just don't think
Stan is buyin' it. . . Ha!

From lower left: Steve & Jennifer Hopper, Frank Schwan & Linda Schwan,
Curtis & Connie Irvin, Alan & Diane Richards (looking away), and Lt. Jack.


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