Captain Bernard Windmiller's Collection

Battalion Chaplain - 4th/47th Battalion, 2nd Brigade

Battalion Memorabilia

Windmiller 1F

Chaplain Windmiller at left - Dong Tam

Windmiller 1G

Bernie Windmiller takin' care of business. . .

Windmiller 1H Windmiller 1I
Windmiller 1J
Windmiller 1K

Chaplain Windmiller conducting prayer
services at Dong Tam - Mid 1967

Windmiller 1M Windmiller 1L
Windmiller 1O
Windmiller 1N Windmiller 1P
Windmiller 1Q

4th/47th Troopers arrived in Vung Tau
and now head to Camp Bear Cat.
- January 1967 -

Windmiller 1R Windmiller 1S

Home Sweet Home - Welcome to Camp Bearcat.   And this is after all all of the fine upgrades!

Windmiller 1T Windmiller 1U

4th/47th Troopers patrolling the Rung Sat Special Zone in search for Viet Cong communist fighters. . .

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