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Vietnam Adventure - 40th Anniversary Trip

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Vietnam Trip 2A

Day 3 - June 18, 2007
Visiting Thoi San Island, AKA: VC Island


Our boat ride on the Mekong River
to VC Island. . .


Vietnam Trip 2B
Vietnam Trip 2C

Bill Reynolds informed Tour Guide Hoa that several in the
group served at Dong Tam & she revealed that she was born on VC Island June 1967 & that her father was a VC Fighter.


Vietnam Trip 2E

JR Johnson (B/3/47) meets the old VC - I told the old fella
that we had been looking for him.


Vietnam Trip 2D

A snake on VC Island - what a surprise! Rene Casares
shows no fear while we Vets look for machetes.

Patrolling VC Island 40 Years later. . .

Vietnam Trip 2F

Cindy's friend & camera man, Ben Leavitt, enjoying our
sampan ride along a canal on VC Island.


Vietnam Trip 2G
Vietnam Trip 2H

Day 4 - June 19, 2007
Visit to our June 19th Battle Site and
Honroring our Fallen Soldiers.


Headed to Nui Creek for a boat ride
to the battle site. . .


Vietnam Trip 2J Vietnam Trip 2I
Vietnam Trip 2K Vietnam Trip 2L
Vietnam Trip 2M

Standing on the exact ground on the exact date and hour 40 years later we honored our fallen soldiers - our brothers.

Mike Lee led with a prayer, Bill Reynolds read the names of our fallen, and then Idoluis Casares, Bob & Pat Geier, George Gadsden, Dennis Lee, JR Johnson, and Tim Howard all made reflective statements of what this occasion meant to themselves and their family members.

Vietnam Trip 2N

Local villagers look on while we conducted our ceremony - several in
attendance were present during the battle 40 years ago that day. Our most excellent tour guide, Tom, translated to them what we were doing.


Vietnam Trip 2O

Mike Lee displays our Time Capsule
prior to burying it on site.


Vietnam Trip 2P
Vietnam Trip 2Q

The Vietnamese constructed this Monument after The War - it's located near where Alpha Company fought the VC on June 19th.

Vietnam Trip 2R

Mike & Carolyn Lee and Mike Lee retracing Alpha Company
and their brother John Lee's footsteps of 40 years ago.

Vietnam Trip 2S Vietnam Trip 2T

The heat & humidity was beyond
belief - it was HOT HOT HOT!!


Tour guide Tom proved to be a tremendous asset to our group, his historical knowledge of
the Vietnam War, it's aftermath and the areas we visited was simply priceless.

Vietnam Trip 2U
Vietnam Trip 2W

Visiting a replica Viet Cong Base Camp deep in the Rung Sat.

Day 5 - June 20, 2007
Goin' into the Rung Sat Special Zone.


Vietnam Trip 2V

In the Rung Sat, otherwise known as "Monkey City".

Vietnam Trip 2X

Caravelle Hotel Rooftop Bar - Downtown Saigon. Bill & Mike Reynolds toast a
mighty fine Vietnam Adventure with a superb group of mighty fine people. Many thanks to
Tour Guides Tom & Hoa and to Vietnam - Indochina Tours.  Thank you Trang!


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