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Vietnam Adventure - 40th Anniversary Trip

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Vietnam Trip 1A Vietnam Trip 1B
Vietnam Trip 1C

Day 1 - June 16, 2007
Bob & Pat Geier and
Bill & Mike Reynolds explore
downtown Saigon.
Mike is taking photos.

Vietnam Trip 1D Vietnam Trip 1E

Saigon's Open Market - Bill & Pat purchase coffee and sugar to take as gifts to villagers at the June 19th Battle Site near Ap Bac Village.

Message from Cindy Casares - July 2, 2007

If you haven't seen it, below is a link to my Vietnam Trip Blog. It has my Saigon photos, a link to Mike Reynolds' photos and a link to a news story on my Dad, Idoluis Casares - 2nd Platoon, C/4th/47th.
He was featured on the front page of the Brownsville Herald this morning!  Here's my Blog:


Check back later for more writings about the trip and our Hanoi photos.  For those who participated in our Vietnam Adventure, please send me your photo galleries and I will post them on my site.


Vietnam Trip 1F

Day 2 - June 17, 2007
Day trip to My Tho & Dong Tam's

Ole troopers walkin' rice paddy dikes again. . .

Vietnam Trip 1G
Vietnam Trip 1H
Vietnam Trip 1I

Downtown My Tho - near the old Navy PBR Headquarters Bldg.

My Tho's Open Market - truly a 3rd World market place
unlike any I've ever seen. . . . . or smelled.


Vietnam Trip 1J Vietnam Trip 1L

Dong Tam Harbor

Vietnam Trip 1K

Dong Tam Main Entrance - next to harbor.
Admittance not permitted. . .


Vietnam Trip 1M

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