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Tribute to Jack Benedick

Sadly, our Lt. Jack passed away unexpectedly on March 19, 2013.  His loving family hosted a grand
"Celebration of Life" service on April 21, 2013 and this tribute video was shown.  Lt. Jack remains a
true American hero and he shall never be forgotten.

Tribute to Lt. Philip O. ZumMallen

A very fine tribute created by Katie Lindsey - March 2013.

"Out of the Rough" - Fred Arnold's TV Show with Bill Reynolds

The real life story of the "Boy's of '67 - Charlie Company's War in Vietnam" as told by Bill Reynolds to
host, Fred Arnold who is a mortgage professional with American Family Funding.


Jerry Matheis' Vietnam War Story - Part I

Jerry Matheis' Vietnam War Story - Part II

In 2010 at Branson, Missouri, Jerry Matheis told his story to the Veterans History Project about his
combat service with Bravo Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 9th Infantry Division fighting communism in
the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam throughout 1967.


Gary "Doc" Maibach Unplugged!

Here's a compelling glimpse into the life of Doc Maibach, one "The Boy's of '67", who served with the
1st Platoon, Charlie Company, 4th/47th Battalion, 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam's grueling Mekong
Delta during 1967. Many thanks to Bill Ganzel, producer of the "60's Survivor" project for creating
this memorable video report.


Larry Lilley & Bill Reynolds TV Interview

Santa Clarita's local TV Station, SCVTV - Channel 20 invited Larry Lilley and Bill Reynolds to discuss
"The Boy's of '67" with hosts Dave Caldwell and Tami Edwards on December 10, 2012.


She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

At Charlie Company's 2012 Reunion in New Orleans, Sgt Dan Kerr stepped up during our Banquet Dinner
evening and led our ole troopers by calling out cadence in remembrance of Lt. Charles "Duffy" Black
who called cadence in the Summer of 1966 at Fort Riley, Kansas as we marched out to the rifle range.


"The Boy's of '67"

This video is intended to honor the soldiers of Charlie Company, 4th, 47th, 9thinfantry Division who
fought and died protecting freedom in Vietnam's treacherous Mekong Delta thoughout 1967.
Highlighted are photos shown in Dr. Andrew Wiest's new book, "The Boy's of '67 - Charlie Company's
War in Vietnam.  Dr. Wiest, an accomplished military author, serves as Professor of History at the
University of Southern Mississippi.  This book will knock your socks off!


Bronze Star for Meritorious Service

On June 11, 2012, Congressman Buck McKeon called for an award presentation of the "Bronze Star for Meritorious Service" for Santa Clarita, California residents Bill Reynolds and Stan Cockerell. This video highlights that event.

Santa Clarita Memorial Day Ceremony

During the City of Santa Clarita's 2012 Memorial Day ceremony, Councilman Bob Kellar acknowledged
local residents Bill Reynolds and Stan Cockerell's award of the "Bronze Star for Meritorious Service"
for their combat duty with the 9th Infantry Division 45 Years ago in Vietnam. Special thanks goes
to Congressman Buck McKeon and his excellent staff man JD Kennedy for their roles in
obtaining approval from the US Army.


Tribute to William M. Geier

Much appreciation is extended to high school student Mason Putonti of Austin, Texas for creating
this tribute to a Charlie Company, 4th/47th hero, Sp4 William Geier who gave the ultimate
sacrifice on June 19, 1967.


Ernest Slavik Receives the Silver Star!

Sergeant Ernest Slavik received the Silver Star for gallantry in action during the 4th/47th Battalion's
battle against the Viet Cong on June 19, 1967 near Ap Bac Village in the Mekong Delta, Republic
of South Vietnam.  This well earned award came on December 12, 2010, 43 years following that
horrific battle.


You're In The Army Now!

Raw video contributed by Mike Cramer - 2nd Platoon, Charlie Company, 4th/47th, 9th Infantry Division.
Mike's video was taken in the summer of 1966 while on the road from Southern California to Fort Riley,
Kansas.  Included are scenes of Custer Hill at Fort Riley.


Clarence E. Lossing Memorial Dedication - Part I

Clarence E. Lossing Memorial Dedication - Part II

Clarence E. Lossing, Bravo Company, 4th/47th, 9th Inafntry Division gave the ultimate sacrifice
fighting for freedom on July 11, 1967 in Vietnam. His brother Loren and family members installed a full
scale statue of Clarence at his grave site and they organized a wonderful tribute to an American hero.
This video honors the memory of Clarence Lossing.


2010 Charlie Company Reunion

Charlie Company held its 2010 reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada May 21st - 22nd.  This video was
presented to commemorate our 2008 reunion in San Antonio, Texas.


Why We Won The War - Part I

Why We Won The War - Part II

Why We Won The War - Part III

Why We Won The War - Part IV

Why we won the Vietnam War was discussed at Charlie Company's 2010 Reunion in Las Vegas on
May 21st. Several speakers addressed the subject and I believe their perspectives should be
acknowledged by all Vietnam Veterans.

"More Than a Name on a Wall"

Tribute To Charlie Company, 4th/47th's fallen soldiers, those recently lost and to all Veterans of the
Vietnam War. This video was shown at Charlie Company's 2008 Reunion in San Antonio, Texas on
Veterans Day weekend.


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