Special Events

Veterans Honor Ronald P. Schworer - 2nd Platoon, Charlie Co.

October 23, 2007 - Rancho High School - Las Vegas, Nevada

Memorial to Ronald P. Schworer

Rancho-04 Rancho-08

Jace Johnston, Jack Benedick & Bill Reynolds
prior to beginning the ceremony.


Willie McTear getting hooked up with a
microphone for a TV News Interview.

Rancho-05 Rancho-07

Al "Boats" Maxson & Ralph Christopher
being interviewed for TV.  Both Veterans
served on PBR's in the Mekong Delta &
Ralph is the author of two must read
books: "River Rats" and "Duty Honor
Sacrifice".  The second provides terrific
insight to the exploits of the 9th Infantry
Division/Mobile Riverine Force.


Schworer 1D
Schworer 1E

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