Special Events

Charlie Company's 2008 Reunion - San Antonio, Texas

Veteran's Day Weekend, November 7th - 9th. 110 Attendees!

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2008Reunion1A 2008Reunion1B

Doc Maibach - 1st Plt, Steve Hopper - 3rd Plt &
Bill Reynolds - 2nd Plt at The Alamo.



Veteran's Day Parade President Delia Guajardo surprised
Bill Reynolds by inviting him to speak at City Council.


Bill Reynolds at San Antonio's Veteran's Memorial Plaza.


2nd Row L to R: Doc Maibach, Steve Hopper, June Layman & sons
Ray & Joe. 3rd Row L to R:  Curtis Irvin & Bill Reynolds at the
Mayor of San Antonio's Veteran's Day Proclamation.


2008Reunion1K 2008Reunion1J

This Church, next to City Hall, is where the Alamo heroes' remains lie.


Professor Tom Hogle (2nd Plt) at right with brother Bob in
the WRONG city - Syracuse, NY. Tom was supposed to be
with us, but he missed his flight to San Antonio - DOH!



Linda & Stan Cockerell visiting with Esther & Bernie Windmiller shortly
before our Veteran's Day Parade started.


Top left:  Ted Searcy, Bill Reynolds, Jace
Johnston, Ben Acevedo - front left: Steve
Hopper & Charlie Nelson.



Elijah "Doc" Taylor, Diane & Willie McTear, and Henry Burleson.


Steve Hopper, Willie McTear, Henry Burleson, Jack Benedick
and his ole RTO, Bob French.



Bob & Kaye French enjoying San Antonio's famous Riverwalk!

2008Reunion1U 2008Reunion1R

Jim & Mary Ann Rademacher (standing) with
Esther Windmiller & Mary Maibach.


It's always great to see Bob Zambreno (at right - Bill Geier's brother-in-law)
enjoying the whole gang! Welcome to us, Bob Z!


Bob Frenchand& his beautiful daughter, Michelle
hangin' out on the Riverwalk.


Tom Conroy, Terry McBride, Steve Hopper, & Bill Reynolds
display our purely excellent Guide-on made by Henry Burleson.


2008Reunion1W 2008Reunion1V

Ben Acevedo, Charlie Company & Nick Dones, Bravo
Company... welcome to us, Nick!


Several of Charlie Company's Beauty Queens:  Jennifer Hopper, Nancy
Benedick, Meg Reynolds, Kaye French & her daughter Michelle.



Foreground:  Sgt Dan Kerr, Lt. Jack Benedick, Linda Cockerell, Connie
& Curtis Irvin, and Linda Schwan.



Bill Reynolds & Henry Burleson holding the outstanding
banner created by Henry - AWESOME JOB!


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