Special Events

Charlie Company's 2012 Reunion - New Orleans

September 6th - 9th Embassy Suites: 135 Attendees!

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2012Reunion 1A

Dr. Andrew Wiest posing with his
outstanding new book.


2012Reunion 1B

Andy, signing books for Charlie Company
Veterans... 50 ole troopers attended.


2012Reunion 1L

Jack Benedick, 2nd Platoon


2012Reunion 1Z 2012Reunion 1D

Tim Fischer displayed his plaque - Charlie
Company's fallen soldiers for 1967.


Steve Hopper introduces his lovely daughters, Jill & Carrie to
Jack Benedick as Frank Schwan looks on.


2012Reunion 1G

Chaplain Bernie Windmiller and his wife Esther
chatting with Bob & Pat Geier.


2012Reunion 1E

John Young discusses "The Boy's of '67" and
Charlie Company's exciting adventures.


2012Reunion 1F 2012Reunion 1H

1st Platoon troopers, John Sclimenti, Marty Renert and John Young
recalling combat experiences in the Mekong Delta.


Herb Lind signing books for his "Boy's of '67"while
Jacque Bomann & Becky Lind chat.


2012Reunion 1I 2012Reunion 1M

2 lovely ladies, Jacque "Peterson" Bomann
and granddaughter Jessica.


Chaplain Bernie Windmiller, Jim Rademacher and Bill Reynolds caught
discussing June 19th's battle near Ap Bac Village.


2012Reunion 1K 2012Reunion 1N

2nd Platoon Sergeant, Dan Kerr and his wife Karin making
sure that they have their photos just right.


Barbara White had many plates of these awesome cookies
delievered as a surprise gift to Charlie Company.


2012Reunion 1Q 2012Reunion 1O

Sandy Fischer with daughters Alicia and Brandi
having a fine time in New Orleans!


3rd Platoon Sergeant Joe Marr, wife Edda
and Sandy & Tim Fisher ready for a fine Banquet Dinner.


2012Reunion 1R

3rd Platoon trooper Jace Johnston

2012Reunion 1J

Charlie Co Captain, Herb Lind

2012Reunion 1P

2nd Platoon trooper, Willie McTear & Diane

2012Reunion 1S 2012Reunion 1T

Tom Conroy and Carl Cortwright autohraphing
each other's book.


2012Reunion 1C

3rd Platoon troopers, Don Trcka, John Howell
and Richard Rubio.


Tom Conroy, AKA: "T-Shirt Honcho", selling
shirts to Frank & Linda Schwan.


2012Reunion 1V

Standing:  Bob Ehlert & Gary Maibach, with Pat Geier
and Idoluis Casares sitting.


2012Reunion 1W 2012Reunion 1X

Left to Right: Gary "Doc" Maibach, Herb Lind, John Young,
Steve Hopper and Terry McBride.


2012Reunion 1Y

Tim Fischer's mighty fine aligator hat.

Willie McTear, Terry McBride & Diane McTear

2012Reunion 2D

3rd Platoon troopers, Tim Fischer, Steve Hopper,
Terry McBride and Joe Marr.


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