Special Events

National Geographic Documentary

Inspired by "The Boy's of '67"


KHTS 1220 AM - National Geographic in Santa Clarita - February 8, 2013

Vietnam Veterans Reunite For Show - The Signal - February 17, 2013

Living right for buddies who died - The SCV Beacon - February 19, 2013

Nat Geo 1A

Charlie Company troop gathering at Bill & Meg
Reynolds' home following two days of interviews
& video recording for National Geographic's
2 Hour HD Documentary based on
"The Boy's of '67" by Dr. Andrew Wiest.

Bill Reynolds, Stan Cockerell, Terry McBride,
Larry Lilley, Willie McTear, Lt. Jack Benesick at
front, Charlie Nelson, Jace Johnston, Tom
Conroy, RichardRubio, Gene Harvey, James
Nall, John Sclimenti, and Captain Herb Lind.

It was a sincere pleasure having Lou Reda
Production's outstanding crew in my home and
particpating in this fine documentary project.
Many thanks to Liz Reph, Kevin Wong & Johnny Chen.
-  February 6th - 7th, 2013 -


Nat Geo 1D Nat Geo 1C

Terry McBride, AKA: Von Zip, getting interviewed by
Liz Reph of Lou Reda Productions.


Prop-man Mike blacking out our
windows for the big shoot.


Lt. Jack Benedick interviewed by Liz.

Nat Geo 1Y
Nat Geo 1V Nat Geo 1I

Liz's crew doing a Bill Reynolds B-Roll Shoot in the backyard.

Nat Geo 1YY

Audio expert Johnny Chen & documentary producer
extraordinaire, Liz Reph.


Nat Geo 1H
Nat Geo 1B

Top: Larry Lilley, Bill Reynolds Richard Rubio, & John Sclimenti.
Lower: Jace Johnston, Tom Conroy, Stan Cockerell
andTerry McBride.


More B-Roll shooting... very interesting experience.

Nat Geo 1F

Liz, Johnny and Kevin setting up to interview
Reynolds, Benedick and McBride.


Nat Geo 1G
Nat Geo 1Q

Here's Meg wondering what is happening to her home
during two days of video recording. . .


Nat Geo 1K Nat Geo 1J

Congressman Buck McKeon, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, took time from his very busy schedule to stop in to
 meet Lt. Jack and the troops. Buck gave an excellent speech honoring all Veterans and "The Boy's of '67".

Nat Geo 1L

Meg decorated Lt. Jack's Birthday Cake & we all
sang Happy Birthady in celebrating his 70th.


Nat Geo 1M

Willie McTear presented Lt. Jack a birthday gift.

Nat Geo 1N Nat Geo 1E

Willie McTear and Gene Harvey

Gene Harvey's son Eric and James Nall.

Nat Geo 1P Nat Geo 1T

Larry Lilley, his son Keith, Stan Cockerell & Jace Johnston
solving America's problems.


Clearly, Tom Conroy is in the driver's and he's taking
Terry McBride somewhere... ?


Nat Geo 1S Nat Geo 1O

Lt. Jack and Captain Herb Lind

Charlie Nelson & Captain Herb Lind

Nat Geo 1R
Nat Geo 1U

John Sclimenti and
Willie McTear
shootin' pool.


Nat Geo 1X Nat Geo 1Z

Larry Walter, Bill Reynolds & Terry McBride having lunch
at "The Shack" on Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica.
Glad to see The Boys doing well.


Linda Cockerell enjoying our gathering - she never
gets enough credit for her hard work creatng dinner
programs, etc., for our reunions.  Thank you Linda!


Nat Geo 1ZZ Nat Geo 1W

Liz Reph interviewing Steve Hopper at Gary Maibach's home.
January 8, 2013.


Beautiful roses from Patty & Larry
 Lilley. Happy Valentines Day!

Nat Geo 1ZZZ

Lou Reda Production Crew with Steve Hopper.
Johhny, Liz, Kevin, Steve, & ?.


Nat Geo 1XX

Gary "Doc" Maibach with Mary Ann, John Bradfield, Steve &
Jennifer Hopper - 3 ole troopers interviewed at Maibach's home.

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