Clarence E. Lossing - Sp4

3rd Platoon, B Company, 4th/47th, 2nd Brigade

Long An Province - July 11, 1967

Bravo Company

Lossing 1A

- Awaiting Introduction -

The Clarence E. Lossing Memorial Dedication occurred on
August 21, 2010 in his hometown of Blackduck, Minnesota.
Check these YouTube videos:

Part I -

Part II -

Lossing 1B

This is Clarence's brother Loren and his wife Mavis
at Blackduck Cemetery - the Lossing family had this statue
of Clarence made in his memory.


Lossing 1C

This is Loren Lossing with his two sons, Dusty
& Cody and with Dusty's son, Hunter (standing
to the left of the statue).

Lossing 1D
Lossing 1F Lossing 1E
Lossing 1H Lossing 1G
Lossing 1L

Here's Clarence at the
left and with several
of his Bravo Company.
buddies down in
the Mekong Delta
May 1967.


Lossing 1I
Lossing 1K Lossing 1J

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