Special Events

Charlie Company's 2010 Reunion - Las Vegas, Nevada

May 21st - 22nd - Golden Nugget Hotel - 90 Attendees!

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2010Reunion LV 05

Charlie Company's two excellent C/O's - Captain Rollo
Larson at left (1966- 1967) and Captain Herb
Lind (1967 - 1968).


2010Reunion LV 23

I could write a book on this scene... Frank Schwan
(2nd Platoon) & Janice Pattillo compare notes about
Janice's cousin, Harold Wayne King, who gave
the ultimate sacrifice & died right next to Frank on
July 11, 1967. This is yet another poignant example of
the importance of our Charlie Company Reunions.


2010Reunion LV 34

Two ole 1st Platoon troopers enjoying adult beverages &
enjoying the outstanding Charlie Company camaraderie,
 Steve Huntsman (center) & Jim Dennison.


More Photos Added!
See Page 2 - June 5, 2010

2010Reunion LV 10

Ole 2nd Platoon troopers & best friends in Vietnam,
Tom Hogle (at left) and Bill Reynolds reminisce the
good ole days tromping around in the Mekong.


2010Reunion LV 26

It's rare to have two 4th Platoon troopers in attendance
at the same reunion because they lost so many guys, but
here is Alan Richards (at left) and Ronnie Gann.


2010Reunion LV 53

Another fine ole 1st Platoon trooper at right, Gene Harvey
from So Cal with his son Eric who gave a purely excelleny
speech regarding his perspective on the Vietnam War.


2010Reunion LV 07

In our Hospitality Room sharing ole war
stories and beer - 333 Beer was AWOL.
From left, Joey & his dad Ronnie Reynolds,
standing Jace Johnston, Tom Hogle, Bill
Reynolds, Mario Lopez, & Stan Cockerell. Sitting from left, Gene Harvey, Jack
Benedick and Frank Schwan.

2010Reunion LV 60

Hangin' out in the Banquet Room; Bill Reynolds
and Doug Wilson chat with Doc Maibach at left.
Two of Doug's children are in foreground.


2010Reunion LV 74

James Nall, Willie McTear, Doc Maibach, John Bradfield,
Doc Taylor, Steve Hopper, & John Young (red shirt). They
were caught going for 3rds and stopped for this photo op.


2010Reunion LV 24

Charlie Compnay troopers having a good time, from left:
Marty Renert - 1st Platoon, Chip Kalscheur - Hdqtrs
and Steve  Hopper - 3rd Platoon.


2010Reunion LV 44

At center, 2nd Platoon's leader, Jack Benedick with his son
Mike at his left and Tom White at right - Tom was one of our
early replacemnents and he fit right in at the get go.


2010Reunion LV 64

Dennis & Mike Lee - their brother John, an Alpha Company
Medic, gave the ultimate sacrifice June 19, 1967.
Dennis & Mike joined us on our trip to Vietnam in 2007.


2010Reunion LV 62

Bill Reynolds' (2nd Plt) sister JoAnn, son Mike with Mother
Marie - this photo is another example of what a family
affair our Charlie Company Reunions have become.


2010Reunion LV 77

Charlie Company gives Jack Benedick a
well deserved standing ovation after
viewing a video that documented his
induction to the Olympics Hall of Fame
on April 9, 2010.  Our Jack Benedick
is a true American Hero!

2010Reunion LV 06

Jack Benedick, Bill Reynolds & Janice Pattillo - Janice said
she needed to be around Vietnam Veterans because her
husband, a Vietnam Veteran, passed away just several
weeks prior to our Reunion.  Her cousin, Wayne King - a
2nd Platoon trooper was killed in action july 11, 1967.


2010Reunion LV 11

Frank Schwan, Mario Lopez & Stan Cockerell enjoying ole Army
stories - this photo proves that our Reunions (though we always
remember our fallen and those tough times) are uplifting
and fun. Charlie Company was damn good unit and we all
were very fortunate to have served together!

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