June 19, 1967 - Rach Gia River
 A Day Remembered!

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June 19, 1967 Memories by Huey Gunship Pilot, Sonny Kayser

This photo, taken after
the 4th/47th's huge
battle on June 19, 1967,
made the New York Times
front page and many other
major US newspapers.

Pfc. John Hogle was with
Lt. Jack Benedick's 2nd
Platoon, Charlie Company.

Danny Fisher treadin' the
Mekong Delta's Brown Water.

Newsclipping provided by
Mike Cramer, 2nd Plt, C/4/47.


Pfc. John T. Hogle of Syracuse, N.Y., may
not be the muddiest soldier in Viet Nam, but
he'll do.  This is what he looked like after a
23 hour battle with Viet Cong troops on the
fringe of the Mekong Delta.
-A P Wirephoto via Radio from Saigon

Here's one view of the hard fought battle . . .

The two photos below, provided by Lt. Hunt - 1st Platoon, C/4/47,
show his troopers taking cover and firing at the enemy while pinned
down behind the only cover they had - a berm separating them from
a dug-in VC force just yards away.

Pockmarked paddies testify to the ferocity of the three day battle
fought by the 9th Division in Long An Province last week.  The
circular pits, which quickly filled with water, were caused by
bombs from air strikes and artillary rounds. On this ground,
elements of The Old Reliables killed 250 enemy.

9th Signal Battalion Photo for The Old Reliable Newspaper
by Sp4 John Millaire.


Lynn Hunt 33
Lynn Hunt 31

Chaplain Bernard Windmiller's letter to his wife
Esther, following our June 19th Battle.
Photos:  Chaplain Windmiller conducts Prayer
Service in the field and is Decorated for Bravery.

Windmiller1D Windmiller1E

Letter home from Clarence Shires, 1st Platoon, Charlie Company, 4th/47th


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