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Charlie Company's 2005 Reunion - St. Louis, Missouri

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Check out the awesome graphics on Jace Johnston's pickup!  In his Phoenix area Real Estate biz, Jace specializes in assisting Veterans.

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Lynn Hunt, Elijah "Doc" Taylor & wife Precious, and Gary "Doc" Maibach enjoying the Embassy Suites' Atrium . . .

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Colonel Guy Tutwiler, Elaine Tutwiler & Jack Benedick meet in the Atrium.

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3rd Platoon Troopers havin' a grand time!  Terry McBride (Alaska), Jose Sauceda (Texas) & Jace Johnston (Arizona).

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Stan & Linda Cockerell and Bill & Meg Reynolds enjoying a fine River Boat Dinner Cruise on the Mississippi River. . .

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Left:  Linda Schwan, Stan & Linda Cockerell, Jace Johnston, Bill Reynolds, Gary Maibach & Maryann Maibach, Cindy, Toni & Idoluis Casares, & Frank Schwan (Frank's first Charlie Company Reunion).

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Meg Reynolds (center) showing Bernie Windmiller's Viet Nam photos on her laptop. Steve Hopper looks in over her shoulder - Toni, Idoluis Casares and Tom White at right. Laura, Mom Geier, & Pat with Bonnie Bryan at left - Diane "Ferro" Hawley and Bill Reynolds at Meg's left.

A very special moment as Chaplain Bernie Windmiller meets Diane "Ferro" Hawley 38 years after he had communicated with Diane's Mom regarding Phil Ferro's death.

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Larry Lukes and Bill Reynolds talkin' with our favorite 1st Sgt, Lynn Crockett.

A 2nd Paltoon pow-wow - Frank Schwan, Walt Radowenchuk, Curtis & Connie Irvin, Linda Schwan (partially hidden), Linda & Stan Cockerell.

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Bill & Meg Reynolds out to dinner with the Bryan family. In the photo at right, Ronnie shows us his Purple Heart and the Viet Cong bullet that was surgically removed from him way back on June 19, 1967.

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