Special Events

Charlie Company's 2003 Reunion - Las Vegas, Nevada

Letter to Charlie Company From Mrs. Bernice Geier - September 2, 2003

Many Thanks to you for inviting my family and me to this reunion.  I am so glad that I came. The welcome that we received was so warm and kind hearted. It's amazing to know that after 36 years the memory of my son Bill still lives in the hearts of his friends.  I especially enjoyed the sharing of your personal relationships with Bil.


Bill's Mom

3rd Platoon trooper, James Smith and his lovely wife.

2nd Platoon trooper, Willie McTear and gorgeous Diane. Uh-oh, there's Bill Reynolds in the mirror caught gawking at Lady Di.

Lt. Jack Benedick caught in the
middle of another joke.

1st Platoon trooper, James Nall and his beautiful wife, Lillie.

2nd Platoon troopers, Willie McTear, Jack Benedick ("Lt. Jack"), Idoluis Casares ("The Bear"), Ronnie Reynolds ("The Penguin"), and Bill Reynolds.

Gary "Doc" Maibach - our terrific Master of Ceremonies.  Many Thanks Doc - a fine job!

After 35 years, what a delight to see Idoluis Casares. And, he brought his wonderful wife, Toni and youngsters, David and Cindy.

Brothers Geier, Jim and Bob, pose with brother Bill's
good buddy, Idoluis "Bear" Casares.

Jack Benedick listens in as Idoluis Casares and Larry Lukes swap amazing ole Army stories. . .

Bill Reynolds reluctantly took the podium and thanked
everyone for attending our purely excellent reunion.

2nd Platoon troopers, Ronnie Reynolds and Idoluis Casares with their fine sons, Joey Reynolds at left and David Casares at right. . .

David Casares giving an excellent speech as he honored his Dad for returning from the Viet Nam War and resuming a very responsible life - completing his own education, raising three children and sending them all to college. Three cheers for you Idoluis!

Idoluis Casares reflects on his war experiences and acknowledges his life of fulfillment. . .

Laura Zambreno, niece of Bill Geier, gave us a all surprise, and stirring violin performance. Her playing was absolutely beautiful.

Bill Varsafsky, caught in an emotional moment while giving a very nice speech......you're The Man, Mr. Bill.

Ole 2nd Platoon troopers, Ronnie Reynolds and Willie McTear, pal around with Mrs. Bernice Geier and her daughter-in-law, Pat.  As you can see, it was a joyous occasion for all of us to get together once again.

3rd Platoon troopers Tom Conroy and John Bradfield visiting with 1st Sergeant Lynn Crockett.

Captain Herb Lind reviewing his memorabilia with
Bill Reynolds and Tom Hogle.

Lt. Jack Benedick visiting with 2 of his ole 2nd Platoon troopers
 Walt Radowenchuk and Bill Varsafsky.

1st Platoon troopers, Ben Acevedo and Doc Maibach caught discussing the good ole days. . .

Jim Stephens talkin' with Ray Whitaker, who
was with Charlie Company after we had left.

1st Platoon troopers enjoying a fine Charlie Company Reunion:  Jim Stephens, Gary Gronseth and Steve Huntsman w/wife.

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