Special Events

Mobile Riverine Force Association's 2002 Reunion - San Diego, California

Don Blankenship led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  He did a super job as Master of Ceremonies!  Many thanks, Don!

Former Alpha Company, 4th/47th Troopers, Milt Estralla and Ed "Sonny" Castellano - many names of their comrades are listed on the Wall.

Medal of Honor recipient, Tom Kelley addresses the audience - nice speech!

Milt Estralla, Jack Benedick, Bill Reynolds, and Tom Conroy. Anyone know this woman?
 All are enjoying quite a beautiful day at the Red Lion of Hanalei Hotel.

Lieutenant General Patrick Hughes, USA Retired, Brigadier General Douglas Smith, USA Retired, Commodore Wade Wells, USN Retired All excellent speakers.  It was great to hear Commodore Wells exhort his appreciation of having us Army troopers
 rather than the Marines with his his Navy command in the Mobile Riverine Force.

Chaplain Jim Johnson giving quite an excellent and emotional prayer.

Bill Reynolds givin' his "Greetings" speech on behalf of all the enlisted men. Many thanks goes to MRFA's President, Al Moore for the "keep the speech short" tip.

Another glorious Southern California day - just perfect for an outstanding Mobile Riverine Force Association Reunion and CCB 18 Dedication.

Here's Al Breinnger speaking. . .

Charlie Taylor giving a fine Invocation. . .

Bill Reynolds, Tom Conroy, Stan Cockerell, Willie McTear, Jack Benedick, and Rollie Gangler following the CCB 18 Dedication Ceremony.  These guys really need a beer!

Ronnie Reynolds, Tom Conroy, Rollie Gangler, Jack Benedick, Stan Cockerell, and Bill Reynolds - all former Charlie Company, 4th/47th Troopers.

Michael Hahn singing beautifully Amazing Grace & God Bless America.

Is that you, Bill Varsafasky?  I didn't know that you made it to the Reunion.

Retired General, Lucien "Blackie" Bolduc, Jr., Bill Reynolds, Retired Commodore Wade Wells, Retired General, Douglas Smith, and Retired General, Patrick Hughes. It was a great honor for me to be in the company of these great Americans!

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