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Charlie Company's July 21, 2001 Reunion - Imperial Palace, Las Vegas

2001Reunion1B copy

Lt. Jack Benedick's 2nd Platoon troopers with their own favorite officer, Colonel Guy I. Tutwiler - 4th/47th Battalion
Commander. Front Row Left:  Bill Geier's brother Bob, Jimmie "Mustang Sallie" Salazar, Rollie "The Lapper" Gangler,
Smilin' Lt. Jack, Bill "Nice White Socks" Varsafsky, Bob "The Zipper" French, and Ray "Metal In The Buttocks" Layman.
Back Row Left: Stan "I can't believe I'm in the back row" Cockerell, Willie "The Speaker" McTear, Howard "Lone Star"
Green, Bill "WebMaster" Reynolds, and Mike "Mr. Photography" Cramer.

What an outstanding turn out for Charlie Company's Year 2001 Reunion - 45 Troopers including a few sons. Tremendous credit goes to Jim Dennison and his fellow 1st Platoon helper, John Bauler, for organizating one terrific Reunion.  It was very obvious that Charlie Company's camaraderie is completely intact as everyone had an excellent time together. It was also noted that Charlie Company's fine women (34 in attendance) possessed the same "Old Reliable" spirit that is still alive and well that once thrived under Colonel Tutwiler's command.

Saturday afternoon - July 21st.  Prior to the eveining's dinner/festivities, several Charlie Company troopers are socializing while some are checking out our Unit's Web Site via Mike Cramer's lap top computer by Mike Reynolds (black t-shirt), the computer wizard responsible for this Web Site's creation.  There's Rollie Gangler, with the extremely gray hair and holding a beer (what a surprise - harhar), talking with Tony Caliari. There's 1st Platoon's Lt. Lynn Hunt at the back in the gold shirt; there's James Nall in the baseball cap and Stan Cockerell standing (blue and white shirt).

A few of 2nd Platoon's Hot Chicks - Left: Linda Cockerell, Marge Massaro (Rollie Gangler's very best and probably only friend - harhar) and Meg Reynolds.

A few of the 2nd Platoon troopers enjoying this most outstanding reunion. Lower left:  Bill Varsafsky, Lt. Jack Benedick and Stan Cockerell. Top left:  Bill Reynolds, Willie McTear and Mike Cramer.

Bill and Cindy Varsafsky - Bill, being extremely fashion conscious, wore a shirt matching the wall paper.

Colonel T, Rollie Gangler, Stan Cockerell and Bill
Reynolds discussing those good ole Army days in the
Mekong Delta

Sandie and Richard Northcott - Richard was our sole
representative from the Mortars Platoon.

Bob and Kaye French made the long, long trip from Tampa,
Florida to join us.  It was great seeing you two!

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