Special Events

Veteran's Day Ceremonies - Washington D.C. - 2000

Washington D.C. - November 11, 2000 - Veteran's Day Ceremony hosted by the
Mobile Riverine Force Association. Another fine job by Al Moore and Company!

General Fulton giving a speech about the Mobile Riverine Force during the Veteran's Day Ceremony.

Rollie Gangler, General Fulton, Bill Reynolds, and Stan Cockerell having a short chat prior to the General's speech.

ARVN Soldiers honoring our KIA's.

Veteran's Day at "The Wall" - Stan Cockerell, Jack Benedick, Bill Reynolds, & Rollie
Gangler leaving a wreath for their 4th/47th fallen comrades. A tribute poster for Phil
Ferro, Sgt. George Smith, Harold King, & Butch Eakins was left along with Phil Ferro's
 combat boots, which were saved by Bill Reynolds since Phil's death on July 11, 1967.

Stan Cockerell, Bill Reynolds and Rollie Gangler finding the names of their fallen comrades.  This was our first visit to the Wall and it was very emotional.....

Quite a scene on Veteran's Day!  A perfect day for us 4 - Jack, Bill, Stan, and Rollie to meet after 33 years and to honor our friends.

Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown
Soldiers - Arlington Cemetary. November 10, 2000.

Meg Reynolds took this photo shortly before the wreath laying ceremony.  Left: Bill, Stan & his wife Linda, Elaine Tutwiler with Col T sitting, and Jack & Nancy Benedick.  November 10, 2000.

Bill, Colonel T., Jack, and Stan shortly after the wreath laying ceremony.  It was our great honor to have Col Tutwiler observe the proceedings. These gents had not been together since 1967!

Bill Reynolds makes an etching of Marion "Butch" Eakin's inscription while Stan Cockerell looks on. Our friend Butch was lost in battle on July 11, 1967. On this day, we collected 13 etchings, leaving many more for another trip.

What a fitting display for the Viet Nam War Memorial and it is so remindful of how young we were.....

Jack, Bill and Stan going up the stairs after leaving a
wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.

Bill, Jack and Stan with the Honor Guard Sergeant in charge of guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers and Wreath Laying Ceremonies.

Jack Benedick, Bill Reynolds, Stan Cockerell, and Rollie Gangler outside the restaurant showing off their new plaques - a gift from Bill to his good buddies! Rollie is a pooch & a lapper!

Stan & Linda Cockerell sitting next to Colonel T.  A very
special thanks goes to Linda for arranging our Wreath
Laying Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers
& for setting up the Capitol Building Tour.  Linda has
connections & she certainly knows her way around DC!

Linda Cockerell took this fine photo of "The Old Reliables" out to dinner celebrating their Reunion.   Left: Elaine Tutwiler, Jack and Nancy, Marge and Rollie, Meg and Bill, Stan, and Colonel T.

Colonel T. and his most wonderful wife, Elaine with General Lucien "Blackie" Bolduc, Jr.  Colonel Tutwiler commanded the 4th/47th and General Bolduc commanded the 3rd/47th back in 1966-67.

Rollie, Bill and Stan at the Smithsonian posing with this famous poster. We're laughing now......but it wasn't so funny back in the Spring of 1966.

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