Special Events

Miscellaneous 4th/47th Reunions

July 20, 2002 - Presidente Restaurant - Mission Hills, California (North San Fernando Valley).
Several ole Charlie Company troopers had luinch celebrating Tim Fischer's visit from Missouri.
Left:  John Sclimenti (1st Platoon), Tim Fischer (3rd Platoon), Bill Reynolds (2nd Platoon), Steve
Moede (2nd), Jim Dennison (1st), Stan Cockerell (2nd), Tom Conroy (3rd), & Larry Lilley (1st).

Here's our ole Charlie Company comedian, John Scliminti, who we all fondly remember. John was always there to keep our morale soaring.

We really had an excellent time getting together - some of us had not seen each other since 1967. There's John standing and his #2 Son, Steve is sitting next to Larry Lilley - John's #1 Son, John Jr. was there too.

July 22, 2002 - Lancaster Joshua Memorial Park
Tom Conroy, Tim Fischer and Bill Reynolds visit
their fallen comrades. This was prompted by Tim
Fischer's desire to pay respects to his best buddy,
Timmy Johnson. Kenny Frakes, also of Lancaster,
was in the 4th Platoon.  These fine soldiers were
Tom's good buddies - all three were  drafted out
of Lancaster on May 17, 1966.  On June 19,
1967, Charlie Company lost 10 soldiers, Bravo
lost 1 soldier and Alpha lost 36 soldiers.

After Tom and I left the Cemetary, we visited the Moving Wall in Lancaster and we bumped into Larry Lilley. We're smilin' for the photos, but visiting the Cemetary and the Wall, all in one day, was very emotional for us.

Tom and I met this fellow, a former Marine and Desert Storm veteran who earned the Purple Heart - like a complete moron, I failed to get his name.

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