Special Events

Miscellaneous 4th/47th Reunions

1989 Charlie Company Reunion - Las Vegas, Nevada         Photos courtesy of Tim Fischer, 3rd Platoon

1989 Reunion D 1989 Reunion A

3rd Platoon trooper Tony Calari and his beautiful wife.

1989 Reunion F 1989 Reunion B

Here's 1st Platoon trooper Jim Stephens loving life!

3rd Platoon Steve Hopper having a real good time!

1989 Reunion C 1989 Reunion G

1st Platoon trooper Ben Acevdo - I think that's his son at left.

2nd Platoon Leader Jack Benedick lookin' great!

1989 Reunion H 1989 Reunion E

Steve Hopper and Charlie Nelson

1st Plt - Marvin Grover, Jim Dennison & Rich Cardia (John Howell in back).

1989 Reunion I 1989 Reunion J

John Sclimenti and Gary Gronseth with their wives

Doug Wilson and John Young - 1st Platoon troopers

1989 Reunion K

1992 Charlie Company Reunion - Las Vegas, Nevada

1997 Charlie Company Reunion - Las Vegas, Nevada           Photo courtesy of John W. Young

3rd and 4th/47th Reunion organized by Ron and Judy Wallace - Late 1992 in Las Vegas.
These excellent Old Reliables gathered to celebrate their camaraderie and their fallen
comrades.  There's Dave Persson (lower left) and Roy Hoy (standing 3rd from left)
from Bravo Company, 47th/47th.


Bill Reynolds, Stan Cockerell and Bill Varsafsky enjoying a  2nd Platoon, C Company, 4th/47th "Mini-Reunion" at Bill's house in Valencia, California - January 2001.
Varsafsky brought his slides and slide projector
.....we had a grand time talkin'
about all our ole buddies and our wonderful Army experiences. Stan lives nearby
in Newhall and Bill V. lives in Port Orchard, Washington.


July 7, 2001 - El Presidente Restuarant, Mission Hills, California - 2nd/3rd Platoon, Charlie Company, 4th/47th Mini-runion
Luncheon.  From the left: Steve Moede, Willie McTear, Stan Cockerell, Bill Reynolds, Tom Conroy (3rd Platoon), and
Mike Cramer. What a blast we had talkin' about the good ole days. We had not seen Steve or Willie since 1967, but it
was though not a day had passed as our friendship for each other and our brotherhood had not eroded one tiny bit.


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