Special Events

Charlie Company's 2006 Reunion - Washington D.C.

Veteran's Day Weekend, November 10 - 12. 142 Attendees!

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2006Reunion1AA 2006Reunion1BB

1st Platoon pals, Clarence Shires, John Young
and Bob Eisenbaugh enjoying D.C.

2006Reunion1ZZ 2006Reunion1B

Ben Acevedo, Charlie Nelson, Jim Stephens, and Herb Lind havin' a fine time.

Ben Acevedo stares down photographer.

2006Reunion1C 2006Reunion1E

Jim Dennison tickles Ernie and Jeannie Hartman. . .

2006Reunion1D 2006Reunion1I

Willie & Diane McTear - Willie explaining that Diane
modeled for the statue above.

Ben Acevedo, Charlie Nelson & Larry Lilley


Greetings, Charlie Nelson!


The Ramos Family joined us to honor their brother and our friend, Forrest Ramos.

John Young, Doug Wilson, Clarence Shires, and their
ole Platoon Leader, Lynn Hunt.

2006Reunion1H 2006Reunion1J

Our Officers: Jack Benedick, Rollo Larson & Herb Lind

Joe Marr (center) & Gary Dobbs (right)

2006Reunion1K 2006Reunion1L

Jace Johnston & Linda Wilson

Trey Tutwiler & Tina Cooper

2006Reunion1M 2006Reunion1N

Bill & Meg Reynolds
startin' up "Tha Big Banquet".

Gary "Doc" Maibach and Mary Ann; their son David and his lovely wife Larisa.


June Layman (beautiful blonde)
with her family - son Joe (rear)
son Ray Jr. (right) and their wives and children. . .

Here's a classy couple!
John & Esther Bradfield

2006Reunion1Q 2006Reunion1R

Idoluis & Toni Casares
with daughter Cindy &
son David.

Tour Guides "Extraordinaire"
Linda and Stan Cockerell

2006Reunion1S 2006Reunion1T

Night Bus Tour - WWII Memorial

2006Reunion1U 2006Reunion1V

Bob Geier rests his hurting knees near "The Wall" during
our Night Tour of D.C.'s Monuments.  Seemingly, Brother
Bill's spirit was with us as he enveloped Bob below.
It's fitting that Bill Geier, a medic, would comfort his brother.

Jim Geier, Bill Reynolds and Bob Geier
Photo taken by Jim & Bob's cousin, Carol Scanlon.
Thank you Carol!

2006Reunion1Z 2006Reunion1Y

This Christmas Day photo was taken
during the Geier Family Christmas
Celebration and strangely enough, their
"Spirit Sphere" was present . . .

It's noted that a different camera was
used for the D.C. photos above.

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