Special Events

Bravo Company's 2007 Reunion - Las Vegas, Nevada

Bravo-Reunion-1A Bravo-Reunion-1B

Bravo Company's
Reunion Flyer

Bravo-Reunion-1D Bravo-Reunion-1E

Dalton Tom - 4th Platoon
presented this
purely excellent medal
to all Bravo Company
Reunion attendees.
Way to go, Dalton!




Bravo-Reunion-1F Bravo-Reunion-1H

Frank Lopez, David Cox & Carson Sherwood
Very nice caps, guys!


Anna Lopez, Frank Lopez, Irene Masello, and ??


Jerry Matheis and Sergeant Jack Kester - this is one serious B.S. session.

Bravo-Reunion-1J Bravo-Reunion-1K
Bravo-Reunion-1L Bravo-Reunion-1P

Bravo's ole Top Sergeant Clarence Burt - nice to see you, Top!

Bravo-Reunion-1M Bravo-Reunion-1N

Bob Good, James Miller and David Cox thoroughly enjoying
several adult beverages, but who's counting!?

Ernie Slavik & James Heller - during our June 19th Battle,
Ernie placed seriously wounded Lt. Heller on a chopper.


Bravo-Reunion-1Q Bravo-Reunion-1R

Ernie Slavik, Dalton Tom & Frank Lopez

Irene & Mike Masello with Anna Lopez


Left to Right: Frank Lopez, Carson Sherwood, David Cox,
Dalton Tom, Jack Kester, and Jerry Matheis.



Left to right: Jack Kester, JR Franklin, Ernie Slavik III, Frank Lopez
Mike Masello, Jim Miller, Jerry Matheis, David Cox, Bob Good, Dalton Tom,
Roger Goff, Phil Bateman, and Carson Sherwood.


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