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Another excellent book by Ralph Christopher see below for contact information.

Just wanted to let you all know my third book, RIVERINE Photo Album, went live and can be ordered from any bookstore, Amazon or my publisher,, their toll free phone number is 888.280.7715 and I will be selling copies for 30.00 S/H included, in a few weeks when I return from Little Creek and Nashville. Please pass the word around to your shipmates, family and friends. The desk top book is 72 color and black and white pages, 8.5/11 full of pictures donated to me by my riverine brothers and Texas Tech and don't be surprised if you see some one you know. I have Task Force -115, -116 and -117 pictures along with the 9th Infantry River Raiders. There are Swifts, PBRs, Mobil Riverine Force craft, SEALs, Seawolves, OV-10s Army copters and track vehicles and even a few of our old bases like Nha Be, My Tho, Phouc Xuyen, An Thoi and others. I started this project almost two years ago after speaking to Albert Moore - president of the MRFA, and although it was a tougher assignment than even I guessed, it is complete.
                               Ralph Christopher - August 8, 2008

Written by Ralph Christopher - former PBR crewman
of the Brown Water Navy. Ralph dedicates this book
to all who fought in the river and coastal wars in the
jungles and rice paddies of South Vietnam, and to his
many shipmates and friends who volunteered their
stories. Without them, this book could not have
been possible.

Of the numerous exploits of the Brown Water Navy
and 9th Infantry Division covered here, the Battle of
June 19, 1967 near Ap Bac Village is detailed quite

Contact Ralph at to purchase
your book. Soft back copies now available for $22.50
(includes shipping & handling).
Ralph's address/phone number:
8516 Lansdale Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89123
702 263-1258


Also written by Ralph Christopher is this purely
excellent story about the United States Navy's
fight for control of the waters of Southeast Asia.

"We Were Soldiers Once....and Young is a great book of military history, written the way military history should be written. It is a gut-wrenching account of what war is really about, which should be 'must' reading for all Americans, especially those who have been led to believe that war is some kind of Nintendo game." General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

"Between experiencing combat and reading it lies a vast chasm.  But this book makes you almost smell it."     Wall Street Journal


"Keith Nolan's research, his comprehension of the political as
well as the military actions, his careful concern for those who
were there, and, most of all, his writing, are superb."
 - Stepen Ambrose -



Here's an outstanding book written by Chaplain James D. Johnson, who became a member of the 3rd/60th - 9th Infantry Division/Mobile Riverine Force July 6, 1967.  This book will transport you from your living room or den right smack into the Mekong Delta's muddy rice paddies and steamy jungles.

To obtain a copy, contact Chaplain Johnson or purchase directly from Amazon

"The reissue of The Long Gray Line updates a profoundly moving saga in which the US Military Academy at West Point stands center stage. In mufti or olive drab, at peace or war, amidst joy or grief, in life or death, the academy shapes all. The author has captured its ethos.  If you want to see a slice of the nation's manhood in a drama of troubled times and find its heart, feel its emotions, sense its dilemmas, then read this book. It is a stunning story."             Colin L. Powell, General, U.S. Army (Retired)

An excellent and detailed account of Mobile Riverine Operations from 1966 through 1969.   Author: Major General William B. Fulton.

To obtain a copy, contact Al Moore -  President of the Mobile Riverine Force Association.

The national bestseller by Colonel David H. Hackworth, the youngest full colonel in Vietnam, and to this day America's most decorated living soldier.

"An exceptional warrior. . . a soldier's soldier."         The Washington Post Book World

"This is the best work I have seen on the Navy In Vietnam for the period I was there." Admiral E.R. Zumwalt Jr., USN (Retired)

For the soldiers of Company C, 4/31, 196th Light Infantry Brigrade of the U.S. Army. . . .

For the men of the Pittsburgh Steelers football organization. . . .

And, especially, for our parents

Philip Caputo has written a timeless testament to the men who leave their homes to kill and die in strange lands. . . . and of the things that grow and perish in the deepest part of themselves.

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